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How does Xie Ting sharp edge propose to Zhang Baizhi?

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The man hopes their woman is right propose this day remembers to the end of his life, the wife also is willing to let become the memory of lifetime at the moment. Saying to propose with its is a test hour of 2 people affective, still be inferior to saying the hour that is originality of man of a test. The woman is so perceptual animal, instant touchs enough to decide lifetime. 1000 people may have a proposing reason only, because love,that is, but 1000 people have 1000 kinds of proposing kind however, always one kind is her love most.

Someone says, every woman should be experienced be proposed. One is willing to cost idea, time and money to engineer to propose for you the man of gut, even if is not you be willing to marry that, also be a friend that is worth you to trust absolutely at least. More be irrigated by idol play what is more,the rather that old Neozoic woman, be afraid demand of good to what propose target is higher, clausal money asks according to the dreamy gut in idol play beside person, be opposite so the man, lovemaking difficulty even more big.

Male people also cannot find the method with new what to marry the person oen is in love with again it seems that into the door, because everything looks,be like feasible marriage means has become platitude: Ground of genuflect of man odd genu, take out the case that holding ring only, next woman of request of ground of affectionate fund fund agrees to spend the remainder of one's life beside his. But the woman hopes always however more stir, more romantic and have new idea more propose means. Rose and ring are materially only propose preparation, and what spend idea truly is that one distinctive and romantic courtship process, that heavier than the result good is much.

This time, and let a man propose into school, propose this professional skill adroitness that has an outlook very much masters.

Atmosphere: Thank Zhang Baizhi of thunderbolt sharp edge

The hope is conveyed in a good atmosphere unbroken affection, place lifelong agreement. A good atmosphere can let each other passion achieve acme, propose at that time often get twice the result with half the effort.

Setting returns: After Xie Ting sharp edge includes the one share of next public house, zhang Baizhi " cheat " propose to the isle. He says " genuflect of my sheet genu is on the ground when, I look at her, see I know the expression that she had not seen 8 years. At that time, the expressional unlike that I see her is not happy, but also unlike is happy, it is incorporeal be dead anyway, waited to have 8 seconds almost. " after 8 seconds, see they are held in the arms together, other talented person comes out from the change in each corners.
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