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The bridal motorcade note that cannot not read

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1, according to each respects cooperate and need to make probably flow plan

Help new personality asks by folk-custom course of drive a vehicle of protocol of adjust measures to local conditions, marry time, affirmatory both sides is greeted send number arrangement to greet close car enoughly.

After course of drive a vehicle is placed best can run beforehand, make when using, traffic control, ban the know fairly well such as travel, next lay off is normal can the route chart of drive a vehicle of be clear at a glance indicates the relevant content such as the contact means that a section of a highway of ground setting out, a married woman's parents' home, hotel, what trims the relevant staff such as motorcade and motorcade manager, hotel manager, bridegroom.

Marry time in order to assure in the morning 10: 30 return a hotel to be best.

When does protocol of situation of consideration distance far and near, transportation set out according to this standard, when to wait to a married woman's parents' home. A married woman's parents' home from arrive into the door set out should stay least time of 40 minutes. Integral time design has even least obligate quantity of 15 minutes, deal with the sudden incident such as a car.

2, the time that arranges embroider car

Motorcade manager wants pair of festooned vehicle with enough attention, when to go plunging into, when had plunged into want know fairly well. In the meantime, pectoral flower, hand holds valve of flower, flower in both hands to also want not little punctual bring back. Festooned vehicle had better return land setting out in before setting out half hour, the capacity is used even before setting out because of bridegroom flower, hand holds a flower in both hands to wait.

3, of marriage car route photograph like arrangement

Marriage day morning arranges motorcade by conventional time. Photograph be in like the car foremost face, least from festooned vehicle 60 meters of perch; Next festooned vehicle nob, the requirement of the folk-custom of consideration of on any account of class of car of ceremony of the others basis is ordinal had arranged, the requirement arranges a straight line; Publish car route chart to every car, back a car in ceremony car be being paid attention to by folk-custom on lens is red list, safflower, or person stick " happy event " word.

4, with respect of bridal a married woman's parents' home cooperate

Motorcade considers motorcade to enter to landform of a married woman's parents' home of the basis after a married woman's parents' home, put, the problem such as tune. Motorcade gives a married woman's parents' home to consider neighbour of neighbor of a married woman's parents' home to bar even happy event,

5, communicate with the hotel ahead of schedule

Motorcade presses conventional seat park to the festooned vehicle after the hotel (the driveway that festooned vehicle does not walk along normal commonly) , motorcade manager should remind cooperate hotel manager to give motorcade Feng Xili, festooned vehicle flower is torn open to wait after waiting for new personality to get off.
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