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Travel flow expressed new personality wedding that day (for reference)

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Bridal flow was expressed that day

Bridegroom home address:

Bridal home address: Bridal / marriage banquet address: Personnel place requires time technological process related main content article music etc is new
Wash and dress of domestic preparation bride, with breakfast a matron of honour
A matron of honour, makeup girl, cameraman reachs the designated position, begin to prepare bride of makeup girl, cameraman to make up bride, a matron of honour makes up, cameraman is caught pat makeup girl, cameraman, a matron of honour
The bridegroom preparation and cameraman, meet and discuss that accompany man; Go taking a bride to hold flower, headdress flower in both hands, plunge into marriage car, honored guest to spend man of cameraman, partner
Hold flower, headdress flower in both hands, plunge into flower of marriage car, honored guest
Ahead of schedule lunch bride home shifts to an earlier date lunch, get together with family in the way that bridegroom goes bridal home afore
Family of the bride that take the door gives difficult problem to give bridegroom, bridegroom gives man of a matron of honour, partner to hire present staff aglow
Red bag
Honored guest flower distributes everybody
Display thin leg of the bridegroom that hold a flower in both hands to kneel down display to the bride hold a flower in both hands, cameraman, cameraman is caught pat camera lens cameraman, cameraman
Hold a flower in both hands
Pay a formal visit bridal father and mother
New personality respects tea to bridal father and mother, parents is answered give new personality father and mother of red bag bride
Boiled water, red bag
Eat sweetmeats bridegroom to feed a bride to eat sweetmeats. Cameraman, cameraman is caught pat camera lens cameraman, cameraman
Go out light firecracker bride mother


The new shoe that bridal mother should change the bride is taken downstair, bridegroom changes new shoe to head for bridegroom home to the bride
Fasten with bridal father maternity, head for bridegroom home new
The home

Greet a bride
Firecracker firecracker is set off when marriage car is arrived at
Take the door, do obeisance to husband's father and mother
The bride pays a formal visit into the door husband's father and mother, bridegroom parents is answered send red bag red package
Eat sweetmeats
Bridegroom feeds a bride to eat sweetmeats. Cameraman cameraman
Set out take outer door scene
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