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The marriage with sundry each country custom

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The basis is Catholic (Catholicism) canon, before deanery dweller is holding wedding must premonitory 3. Allegedly banns can prevent shocking marriage. If bride (Bride) with bridegroom (Bridegroom) one party already married, or bride and bridegroom may have kin, insider saw banns must be informed against. As a result of this method effective, circulate so already had 1000 old histories up to now.

Bridal invitation should be sent before marry (Wedding Invitation) . Past is by the bride this one party is sent, be in charge of by both sides of bride, bridegroom gradually now. The guest that is invited is being taken commonly congratulate a gift attending wedding, so overmuch ground invites a guest to meet those who have covet money to disrelish.

In Scotland, when holding bridal ceremony, the bride takes the door, she should cast one chunk cake to the middle of sky first, cast higher, mean marriage more perfect. If she is cast not high, bridegroom and domestic person are met downhearted, meet because of this adumbrative their marriage burst.

On the wedding that holds in cathedral, play two wedding marches commonly (Wedding March) . When the bride moves toward altar, of achieve is grave and slow " bridal chorally " (Wedding Chorus) , it is chosen provide for oneself check De Wagner (Richard Wagner) 1848 the opera of compose " Luo Heng Glyn " (Lohengrin) . What when bridal bridegroom walks out of cathedral, perform is lively " marry sinfonia " (Wedding Overture) , choose from Felix Mendeersong (Felix Mendelssohn) 1826 of compose " the dream of midsummer night " (A Midsummer Night ' S Dream) .

The wedding of American can be generalized for " new, old, borrow, blue " (Something Old, something New, something Borrowed And Something Blue) . "New " the white wedding that points to a bride is taken (White Wedding Gown) must be new, it is pure Tong Zhen (Virginity) indicative, it also indicates the bride will begin new life. "Old " the white gauze that points to bridal head to go up must be the old yarn that the mother has used, express not to forget the favour of parents that foster. "Borrow " the handkerchief that points to to be taken in bridal hand must be from the girlfriend there borrowed, express not to forget the affection of the friend's friendship. "Blue " show the lace that wraps around on bridal body must be blue, state the bride is right the duteous affection of love.

Deliver bride (Giving The Bride Away) a be religious wedding ceremonially main item. Father convoy daughter of the bride moves toward the step of the chancel in cathedral, in deliver ceremonially, bridal father hands the daughter's right hand priest, priest (Minister) hand bridal hand again bridegroom. If bridal father already died, be replaced by relative of a male.

The bridegroom on wedding and bridal exchange ring (Double-ring Ceremonies) , round ring is token conjugal love of husband and wife is long, not terminative. Bride and bridegroom want to be kissed in public, right now, people scatters rice fall in newlywed (Newlyweds) on the body, congratulate beforehand their descendants full hall, population is flourishing.
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