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Newly-married is one-stop rich of sanded bay marriage can give you more

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Meeting begin passes the gain of sanded bay marriage that was full of the bright characteristic such as character, vogue, substantial, service. As Sichuan area the top end, most professional marriage is celebrated exhibit meeting, its appear first will give Chengdu the citizen, what what bring into the new people of newly-married hall be about to stride to exceed especially of common experience? The reporter drives rich of marriage of the bay that go to sand conference organizing committee, the problem that cares generally with respect to new people became detailed knowledge.

According to marriage rich conference organizing committee introduces, compare with the exposition photograph of other industry, rich of 2007 Sichuan marriage can have distinctive content. Marriage rich can be passed marriage the theme that celebrate reachs the group of a few trades related to new personality consumption one case, include marriage celebrate gauze of service, marriage a lot of industry such as home appliance of body of beauty of travel of wedding feast of smoke of jewelry of wine shop of banquet of photography, marriage, gold, happy event, honeymoon, hairdressing, household, safe, conduct financial transactions, car, make new personality can understand marriage the newest tide that celebrate chooses to marry wants of all kinds service, product. As we have learned, current, already marriage of bride of gem of photography of gauze of fashion international marriage, ancient photography, Tian Xinxiang, lotus celebrates marriage of formal, red a ball made of strips of silk to celebrate formal, top grade. The marriage of Chengdu this locality such as travel agent of family property of grand car, Shen Rong car, green cropland, Kang Hui celebrates restaurant of guesthouse of happy culture, bright and beautiful river, Tibet, Xue Tielong C2, harbor of relevant industry get army the enterprise is joined, they are divided outside exhibiting meeting site to roll out the most popular this year relevant product, still will offer for new people be in only the material benefit that extends the ability on the meeting to be enjoyed.

On the foundation of industrial conformity, sponsor still just will roll out " one-stop service " , " full-court tall discount " , " bridal big lecture room " wait for a concept, the marriage one continuous line celebrates service and product whole privilege to recommend new personality, let newlywed person the material benefit that at the same time attainable expect is less than and convenient, discharge new people to be the trouble that marry and fusses everywhere. No matter be bridal individual character, marriage,choice of gauze of Qing Chao shedding, marriage, gem is bought, exquisite, bridal chamber decorates marriage banquet, or the family planning after newly-married fear, marriage, marry be economical wait and " marriage " any pertinent questions, want you to be met to rich of sanded bay marriage only the spot, all bewilderment will all be readily solved.

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