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Undesirable marriage celebrates a company unbeknown 6 big mysteries

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Marriage service of the each when celebrating company wedding increases price

"Make up, emcee, car, photograph picture, every kind is good pour make friends Zhang with you. " old Huang Jiang, the price that some marriage celebrate a company to be hit now is low breathtaking, the thing that originally 89 yuan of ability do, it can get weigh in hand 229 yuan. New people is when autograph contract but cannot pursue cheap solely, the price of every project, service mass that must reach and time should be made clear one by one, can want to suffer otherwise.

Make up

Wu gives the low negligee that a few marriage celebrate a company to roll out early the client had fallen to cover, marry that day, some saying that the first make up only, and want a client to come to the company, new people nature does not agree to rush about back and forth, do not have method to be able to spend hundreds of yuan to ask makeup girl to come to serve again only. And the business of low makeup girl that some whole journey dog is differred again, a many hour dish bad head, face a substitution nature to want foot a bill again.


Emcee is whole bridal leading light, before one, the criticism that drives a behind schedule, level to cross difference about emcee is common Zhu Baoduan, because this is new people is right this thing but not dare ambiguous. This falls, marriage celebrate a company to play again rose " psywar " , after signing a contract, see a paragraph chair their bridal emcee kinescope to the client immediately, the person inside impetuous, the speech is tongue-tied. "Fast change! " client one's voice in speech just falls, a piece of bill that increases fund is given immediately at the moment.

Marriage car

Be in and marriage when celebrating a company to sign a contract, most new personality can be rented good in quality and cheap in price intermediate car. Can arrive really the day of great rejoicing, marriage celebrate a company to be able to be about to be added to you blocked up, "I am sorry, a few cars are bad, remnant Kaidilake, it is value coin or money bit more expensive. " at this moment, bridegroom how be willing to part with or use makes a bride crazy crazy etc, bite gnash one's teeth to draw out money.

And those newlywed person that hired high-grade car also are met sometimes " take medicine " , marriage celebrate company regular meeting to if used car occurrence issue that day,mention expressly on the contract, 3 hours of or so exchange taste qualitative car likewise. But marry that day, who cost must rise so long, can come a car go. It is new personality does not agree to wait anyway, played " plan of stealthily substitute one thing for another " marriage celebrate ground of company feel at ease and justified to scoop up one ticket.

Photograph picture

"Want strong energy of life only, do not understand absorb the person that resemble also can be there just to make up the number gains bit of extra income. " Laohuang says, a lot of new personality believe now marriage the double machine that celebrates a company to offer films service, be willing the perfect happy hour below floriferous dot Qian Liu. But bridal that day, the camera that major uses won't be started, should look for a bit huskier boy to be being carried only " flicker flicker " go, only " respect property " domestic camera just is met from the beginning busy after all.
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