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In marriage how the freedom that the palm accuses each other

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Marriage, it is the lifetime enterprise that we need to exhaust scheming will manage absolutely. Between this, do we need to have the measurable freedom between intimately? Still be without privacy share position? This kind is used hard blame is black the problem that be limitted namely in vain, after all who said to calculate?

In fact, enter hand in hand when our hand " encircle a city " when, if feel comfortable, loosen, satisfied, so the harmony that had had an opposite freedom from personal marriage is spent, our marriage because of this appreciation. But we discover more moment however: We hope the palm accuses each other freedom more, also resemble the grit in the hand more, grasp more closely, prediction of a person's luck in a given year also must be jumped over fast.

The freedom in facing marriage is spent, we are willing to compare it more a dead water in be the heart, from the process that 0 ℃ boil to 100 ℃ , how do we master?

The wife says so:

Xue Han is spent freely is a kind of tie actually

Chief inspector of teacher and student of school of woman of water wood Tsinghua

The freedom in marriage is spent is limitted very hard actually, because of the surroundings before marriage different, the level that after marrying, adjusts is different also, ManAsks right and woman can susceptive limit is different.

China so far, do not have before marriage any about marriageEducation, people is extemporaneous to marriage, brought about oneself to add Utopian thing inside, feel other and all to the consider carefully about reality is burdensome.

Parents looks to quarrel when we are small, feel special to indissoluble, why can they quarrel? But arrived really oneself encounter this trouble, still cannot tolerate euqally each other.

Be in abroad, process at least of marriage has in that way a form, in cathedral, meeting somebody asks whether you get ready all one's life to love him, this is a kind of acceptance, once you pledged,mean, you are about to give your sense of responsibility for this. If discharge love assimilate to, that marriage is you are paying charge of electricity for this.

The freedom in understanding marriage is spent, should hold the state of mind of study in the arms, what should know sexual difference to cause bisexual concern is lopsided. After you understood this, you can have more compromise. This kind compromises, not be to abandon, accept better however: The result of marriage of not particular demand is satisfactory certainly, want to seek a the most appropriate solution however, perhaps hold to, perhaps abandon.
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