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Bridal 81 link that day

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" marriage weekly " roll out wedding ceremoniously 81 link that day. If your wedding is groovy wedding, so consult please this 81 annulus, your wedding won't leave a regret certainly on detail; If your wedding does sth unconventional or unorthodox, also consult please this 81 annulus, because it is additional kind of bridal foundation, who is willing to lack one annulus because of his wedding and leave a regret?

Greet bride of the · before kissing

01, bridal a matron of honour rises early, time is 6: 00 the left and right sides

02, eat nutrient breakfast

03, cameraman A and cameraman A reach the designated position to pat

04, bride, a matron of honour all changes formal attire

05, 6: 30, makeup girl comes to make up modelling

06, prepare tea

07, arrangement receives close young lady younger sister to stand, affirm " embarrassed " the problem of bridegroom

08, wrap aglow for a matron of honour

09, female guest photograph divides the work, affirm custodial that day of red bag " financial chief inspector "

10, hide good bride shoe

11, communicate with bridegroom phone, receive close time certainly

12, the bride tastes mobile phone and vade mecum install beautiful small carry a bag, keep by a matron of honour

13, A of bride, a matron of honour, cameraman and cameraman A enter a bedroom. Be like conditional, the bride can hide to wave window or shadow hide

14, make tea of female guest photograph

Greet bridegroom of the · before kissing

1, the pass the night inside bridal chamber, after rising early, affirm new home furnishs all reaching the designated position

2, remember eating breakfast certainly

3, cameraman B and cameraman B reach the designated position and begin to film

4, put on greet installing in person

5, partner man arrives appoint a place to receive marriage car and embroider, guide marriage car to reach bridal chamber

6, motorcade reachs the designated position, dress up with double happiness and balloon greet close motorcade

7, issue red package for motorcade driver and partner man

9, the mobile phone on the belt, marriage certificate, marry keepsake and red bag

10, man of the partner before getting on a car gets ready for bridegroom, set out

Greet close

1, motorcade reachs bridal home, time is early 8: 30 the left and right sides

2, embarrassed bridegroom the first close (door mouth) , female guest photograph can embarrass with the problem of all sorts of create difficulties for sb he, ask for red bag

3, embarrassed bridegroom the 2nd close (bedroom doorway) , female guest photograph can let him sing, plant with N pet name will call wife to open the door, ask for red bag

4, a matron of honour opens the door, after bridegroom finds a bride, display on flower
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