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Ceremony of the most perfect marriage makes an appointment with skill

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Want to gain success in respect of bridal equipment save money, want to know news adequately above all, among them the network is forward position, first marriage that for instance Sohu marriage channel holds fine time, to marry the group provides accurate information navigation platform, include photography of gauze of gem headgear, marriage, marriage to celebrate marriage banquet, knot the marriage such as marriage gift, formal attire, cosmetic and honeymoon journey celebrates information; The 2nd should visit on the spot, goods compares 3, must not temporarily actuation, issue subscription; The 3rd, seek learn from sb else's experience of the cater-cousin in the boudoir that has actual combat experience.

Marriage gauze is illuminated, go out less " accident " control expenditure

Prices: The price that general marriage gauze photographs differs to 5000 yuan in 2000 yuan, if include exterior to film, average person can choose 3500 yuan of this price.

But filming in the process, because change marriage gauze, deserve to act the role of, the choice decides adscititious and makeup water, corollaceous, glass to hold out (concealed body bra) wait for unforeseen factor, and after seeing galley proof, add wash, increase 339 yuan expenditure possibly again, the result brings about marriage gauze to illuminate cost violent wind to rise to 10 thousand yuan.

Compress secret Ji: The bosom friend knows those, intention is firm

Compress a strategy:

1, to average newlywed person, the price that 3500 yuan of marriage gauze of the left and right sides reflect is basic and likely, include scene of inside and outside to film, 20 pieces of photographs and 2 pieces of enlarge are illuminated etc. But accurate bride must the heart knows abdomen bright, this price still has the space that chops madly. Because, formula of marriage gauze photography gives the little gift such as post of casing of placard, photograph, happy event possibly still, these gift can refuse when cutting price, requirement businessman lowers the price, fall when lowest, astute new personality is returned but final biff -- , the demand increases photograph amount more. If businessman price is 3500 yuan, compressible reach 2000 yuan.

2, the businessman is not met actually be apt to stops be willing to give up, the most intense battle still is filming in the process. Shadow building can be informed in those days, your marriage gauze is belonged to according to price cheap, marriage gauze and deserve to act the role of older old, if want to increase new fund to require the specified amount extra money, the price is in 500 yuan - 1000 yuan differ; Makeup girl can blame the skin extreme difference of you and bridegroom, cannot go up completely makeup, must use decide makeup water, every raise 100 yuan, two people need altogether 8; Cameraman still can say you wear bridal garland, one branch flower 50 yuan, the bra that censures you is unqualified, need to buy glass additionally to hold out, the price is 600 yuan, can haematemesis is hit to you 5 fold.
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