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Honeymoon travels 7 kinds additional kind of equipment

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1, babushka:

In pedestrian Yu Conglin, cobweb is constant some, let it tangle to go up in the hair, certain and afflictive, do not block the line of sight with babushka, take a picture not to touch draw a frame round of find a view, still can brush sweat.

A little cloth, still can make towel or scarf, return when necessary can keep out is cold.

2, cane:

Telescopic best, drive a stray dog when necessary, do alone horse, open circuit hits grass.

3, UFO:

Can regard as dish of the fruit tray on long-distance car, bolster plate that cut course or writes, bowl, small washbasin or Cheng Shui implement, terraqueous 2 used recreation things.

4, private calling card:

Without the fearsome honor, company that show off. Only wanted on the telephone, address, E-mail. Avoid write repeatedly however. The moment of truth, still can make road sign, lie between 100 meters to put on one piece, still can write to the successor above on leave a message. Of course, how to put markedly, also be one knowledge.

5, easy towel:

Will can make bath towel, swim in gorge chute, in the public eye, change clothes such. 2 will can wrap around to be prevented to the shoulder bask in. Hotel sheet is dirty, take it when the sheet.

6, the bag that wash gargle:

Good did not say, in perfect order just.

7, sealed bag:

Go out every time take 10, wet garment pants, bought 0 mouths, all can load. Polybag is like cause delay in work or business of not sealed regular meeting.

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