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3 action are done let glamour fingernail surely more piece carry

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Glamour beautiful shell is more beautiful (sina female matchs graph picture source: International is online)

Gorgeous summer, no matter be transhipment of through cargo still is changed makeup already did not calculate curious, then only glowed finger tip scenery is become most the hotspot of make public individual character. Think extraordinary, begin from now, 3 action teach you light show give 10 nail --

  The first action: Act the role of not entire edge opportunely

A lot of people are when DIY, of fingernail brim " riant arc " always be drawn chirp is crookedly. How to do? A small doohickey: Stick in curve brim on elegant adorn piece, can mask ugly arc already, can reflect luxuriant aesthetic perception again. Coordinate to achieve colorific, act the role of piece what should choose to be close to with armour surface color as far as possible is tonal.

   The 2nd action: Armour color is like for a long time new

Often of daub fingernail oil should know, the colour of fingernail begins to flake from finger tip normally, accordingly, precautionary path is, nail gives when daub with " wrap up feels " , namely wool brushs pointed beard to slip all the time from fingernail surface to the ending after fingernail is rear, such courses " wrap up " fingernail colour can be more abiding. In addition, best every 3 days of daub protect armour oil.

   The 3rd action: Clear quickly change new

Want to keep clear of inside short time elaborate and stickup on fingernail adorn piece be not easy thing definitely, processing is undeserved cause fingernail damage possibly still. Instruct you one court " wet cotton law " : Will make up first cotton cuts out than the fingernail slightly great figure, dip in on clingy armour face makes an appointment with 30 seconds after discharge armour water, open surface of fingernail of cotton cloth edge slowly next, adorn piece subsequently and fell. (Extensive region fragrant)

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