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Division of China International modelling 7 great champion show itself

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Gold of Olympic Games bride

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Gold of beauty parlour bride

  Bride of Olympic Games China, beauty parlour bride 1000 charming 100 fawn on

2008, a lot of people will celebrate a great event in the marriage that holds his one this year. Will be country and individual this year a year when celebrate together. The contest is grand and try to be unique " bride of Chinese Olympic Games " attire, became the dreamy figure in heart of numerous accurate bride.

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He Lijuan

 Champion of modelling of beauty parlour bride

He Lijuan says: "My work basically gives priority to a problem with Chinese bride, the understands China culture that this the contest lets I am more thorough. Apply in colour in, give priority to with red. I choose red, because red is being represented,be lucky. In bridal modelling, traditional Chinese style hair style still goes in popular front, have the bang of radian, can reflect a woman only aesthetic feeling. I chose the form that Chinese and Western combines on dress, "S " the body appearance that the lap of form and piscine end highlights feminine graceful. " final He Lijuan says this I choose model of beauty parlour bride basically is to want to allow more country, understand Chinese bride.

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