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The expert is raised action make you very hot give inviting wavy hair

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The guidance of the following and professional teacher, convenient you are outer marcel moment can supervise you beautify hair whether does division accomplish major, in order to make sure you can iron a beautiful hair.

The hair irons the reason that does not coil to have the following case roughly:

1. Depend on the state of the hair

(The cuticular layer of 1) hair is very shut be in normally fine hair is incidental, the cuticular layer of fine hair is thicker, liquid medicine is permeated not easily send additionally piece thick, thin degree about etc, all iron more not easily roll.
(Adherent meeting impares to press the action of the agent on 2) hair, be like: (Skin is sent in the head or A) has the fine pink of metallic composition to adhere to is the guest of commonly used rinse, the hair often takes the matter of silicon spirit. (B) catchs hair agent to catch a hair with the metal.

2. Depend on using the case of drug

(The case that 1) makes reducing power is reduced because of certain reason (wait for a reason like insolation of classics of cold very hot medicine or metamorphism)
(The drug that 2) uses special curative effect and make the resistance of the hair increases.
(If TG quantity is little,3) contains the material that cuts off 2 vulcanization key in use drug place, cannot cut off 2 vulcanization key completely, cause cannot bate.
(When 4) is using drug, join protect hair product too much, the effect that causes drug is insufficient.

3. Depend on technical case

potion produces action, the 2nd agent whether adequately to produce effect whether adequately, on the skill of examination paper, temperature whether too low.

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