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Korea is popular makeup make up modelling is analytic

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The dress of Korea female star is temperament sends out very gave preterhuman charm, this and their makeup modelling has very big concern. Powdery bottom The makeup look of comparative Chinese, wheaten now lubricious skin is so popular, if can be basked in evener word, accordingly you can choose fashionable healthy color of skin of course, but if feel to should not the word of your appetite, it is good to still do white Oriental girl. But by so as thick as Korea female whitening, believing also is not common Chinese girl can accept!   Brow   Chinese but not such, shave eyebrow to the Chinese can be the big fear in big fear! Because complete and shock brow is in,face posture learns to go up is to have cultured extremely. And, too fine brow looks early in present Chinese girl when already was being passed.    Eye makeupThe eye shadow when Korea female makes up is given priority to with coffee, orange more, nevertheless present young one generation, begin to choose the eye picture of light color series, and the eye picture quality of Korea is really good also.
The makeup look of comparative Chinese, actually eye makeup is about the same, because want a foundation after all,the color of skin of Oriental decides.   Rouge But Chinese most explain look, so rouge is indispensable and very important. Labial makeup Although Korea female love is white, but if stress labial quality different, no matter spring or winter, they must hold to with brunet show a person, and Lip Gloss was used more less. They like to use brunet lip pen most, tick off very deep apparent labial thread, be like a long time ago popularity passes the sort of.
The Chinese can differ, today season Lip Gloss can say is as before most of In, labial line pen is kicked more early to go out bureau, want to say to differ, this perhaps can be us can accept least of all. Fingernail
Korea girl basically likes the fingernail oil of profusion of on besmear a few color, in tide of Japan's quite popular fingernail coloured drawing or pattern, be in now Korea as much extraordinary popularity.

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