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" of modelling of bride of direct seeding " becomes network a favourite by sb in

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Shi Wenwen (left) making up to the client.   

One day, an old client tells Shiwenwen, oneself should be in Oriental forum direct seeding is bridal, hope she can make up to her be done modelling. Shiwenwenxin is promised like that, cannot think of, this direct seeding let her become network a favourite by sb in power, a lot of netizens look for her to make model. Strike while iron is hot, shi Wenwen sticks work and modelling video to forum, had net store...

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Learn to make up all right to realize ideal to turn

5 years ago, to realize oneself ideal, apply article Wen Congjia to promote plant of technology of a pottery and porcelain to resign, make up to Hangzhou study skill and individual figure design. She what like to paint a picture can become to make up one day with respect to the dream as a child modelling division, with his both hands the design gives original model.

"We a 40 much people, like me such plans regard modelling design as what the enterprise will do is not much, major student has the job, just regard a kind of hobby as study figure design. " Shiwenwen tells a reporter, because have different ideal with other classmate, in learning a process, she is more more diligent than others.

The teacher attends class, the progress is very rapid, classroom comes up to be digested not as good as, shi Wenwen answers the dormitory to listen repeatedly with respect to content of the lecture below the collection. The teacher attends class taught superciliary ten kinds of brushwork, she goes up in her brow to the mirror draw draw, constant haunt before dawn just rests after 2 o'clock. Kongfu does not lose an observant and conscientious person, after a year she graduates from the school with complete actor achievement.

Poineering initial stage runs from door to door odd

Shi Wenwen chooses the place that Ning Bo dreams to begin as oneself. Without human relation, without sale experience, the business won't send actively come to come. Shi Wenwen decides to make up from the bride proceed with, then, she arrives every day town gauze of bright road marriage seeks the business from door to door on a street.

"I am very at first cowardly, arrived marriage celebrate do not know how to recommend oneself in inn. " apply Wen Wenyi crooked head to laugh, "But vivid him must is pulled, even if opportunity also should endeavor to strive for rarely, I left my work and connection way in every inn. " more than it is to press down bright road, driving electric car, the bosom is putting poineering dream, arrive nearly downtown, prep so far as spins a city gently, should see store of marriage gauze photography only she can knock him introduction.

"Come to run sheet is constant some thing by person supercilious look, want to learn to adjust state of mind, clinging pursuit can have a result certainly. " Shiwenwen says, awaited a month, she received the first sheet eventually. Very fast, she with clinging with talent, good public praise was won in circle, monadlist also gradually much rise.
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