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Tide wind direction: Naked makeup agitation the force with which sth breaks out

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Time has delimited Xia Mo, high temperature although gradually cease all activities, but on T stage beautiful field autumn makeup release undertake getting like a raging fire however. This one season, colour makeup bound does not have colorful glaring to come as Qiu Dong and bleak, of profusion tonal as before be current, opium fumes new resurgence, the metallic colour and lustre of infestation spring summer is unwilling also give the impression of weakness, and the force with which sth breaks out is roaring new one season is naked makeup the neuter manner that agitation, temptation upgrades, it is to be in more promote glamour quickness of the woman accidentally of purpose. Next in a month, we will unscramble Qiu Dong for you in detail popularity makeup look.

Tide wind direction

Simple and delicate glorious takes a person

Alleged naked makeup, be not take " bare " , the meaning that does not make up completely, make a nature of a kind of makeup look to the person however pure and fresh, although classics is elaborate,decorate, but do not have the trace that makes up painstakingly, call again accordingly transparent makeup.

What differ with in former years is, this year naked makeup de-emphasis " have makeup be like without makeup " " one naked after all " the effect, completely achromatic bottom makeup and labial makeup has gone out bureau, light and shadow are in bottom makeup is applied mediumly in today season is gone to by play acme.

The powdery mist feeling that stresses before and burnish move occur as before, stylist people more become aggravated the ground is captious on immaculate definition, begin from the render of 0 defect, to facial ministry smooth shadow decorate, lamplight and shadow from time to time let makeup look appear downy and enchanting, from time to time produces the result of feeling giving character again. Special colour and lustre can make a Gao Guang, dash forward show a woman facial feature, glorious takes a person, let skin appear favorable balance of trade before perfect makeup feeling.

Unscramble naked makeup

Introduce according to modelling division, the decision is naked makeup whether perfect main factor is bottom makeup product, choose according to skin color, quality of a material be close to color of skin and joint spends high powdery ground to reach calm makeup the product is Chongzhongzhi heavy, the eye of with quietly elegant colour add details to a painting that matchs next, lip and complexion can.

Powdery bottom is close to color of skin

Choice and color of skin are adjacent, thinner, by the pink of fluid shape, or it is bottom of dry wet amphibious pink, use hand paint first even, press gently with sponge next pressure, let bottom makeup more stick take. With brighter than color of skin word of T of the daub end pink, carry bright this area, brush with powdery bottom next in the cheek two side are brushed on fluid of brunet pink bottom or block defect cream, borrow by the fluid end the pink of different depth color. Got-up outline, innovation goes stereo makeup feeling. Finally, attack with plaster on one thin decide makeup pink thinly, make makeup look more abiding.
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