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2007 China International fashionable dress modelling of Zhou Cai makeup

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This second with " change butterfly " the national activity that gives priority to a problem, it is by organizing committee of week of China International fashionable dress and Asian vogue federation China committee is sponsorred jointly, name of coronal of ARTDECO elegant cardamom seed assist do, the home that committee of model of profession of association of Chinese dress stylist and company of transmission of culture of Beijing Heng Huacheng world undertake jointly colour makeup modelling and figure. Matthias of president of Germany of elegant cardamom seed of deputy secretary-general of association of Chinese dress stylist Ms. Zhang Yan and ARTDECO carries a commissioner to represent: Famous make up to held ceremony of cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony and deliver a speech modelling Mr Shi Mayu, famous dress stylist Mr Bao Tao; One of contest commissioners, mr Zhang Yanhui mixes cameraman of optimal fashionable dress of China of Chinese famous press photographer, 06 year hundreds media friend attended an activity with interviewing the identity together.

News briefing spot, lin Zhiling of contest form spokesman carries star of numerous inland, Hong Kong and Taiwan to sent one's respects to means to bring congratulation for this second contest with distinctive VCR; Wen Yonggang of 06 matches winner and Ruxiaguli represent a player to attend, will take the lead in reaching beauty daughter with adviser of modelling of engage by special arrangement advocate sowed identity participates in 07 contests day to sow defend inspect an item " beautiful grand ceremony " transcribe. The contest still gets the wide support of personage of social all circles and attention, jade-like stone lady donates the Yang Ying of specially invite painter of imperial art academy of Xu Bei grand on a special trip a theme is " change butterfly " traditional Chinese painting, congratulate beforehand this year contest to achieve complete success.

Wen Yonggang of runner-up of division of 6 years of modelling, fashionable star champion Ruxiaguli makes a speech on behalf of the player

Finally, the organizing committee comes since declare this day on October 8, accord with take part in the match conditional player will be OK sign up through contest government website, appoint a search to support style of Yahoo of website of portal of Baidu, government the means that the many networks such as network of fashion of community of Z-box of support of magazine of channel, exclusive electron and Chinese dress net, Yoka sign up takes part in the match; Player and audience are OK still inspect through appointing TV to support media travel to defend " recreation holds the post of our bank " daily coverage, understand contest process. Final division of modelling of 22 colour makeup and 22 fashionable stars will enter the total final that in Beijing week of China International fashionable dress will hold ceremoniously in November, contend each vogue large award. At the appointed time, star of numerous movie and TV, fashionable celebrity and business circles distinguished personages will walk along beautiful starlight highway, make sumptuous dinner of year beauty vogue!
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