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Week of China International fashionable dress " beautiful grand ceremony "

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Stand originallyGrand ceremony of beauty of ARTDECO elegant cardamom seed" the ceremony of contest of design of modelling of Zhou Cai makeup that start and press conference are in 2007 China International fashionable dress Beijing restaurant is held.

The contest starts ceremony and press conference scene

Beautiful grand ceremony is mixed by organizing committee of week of China International fashionable dress committee of China of Asian fashionable federation is sponsorred jointly, name of coronal of ARTDECO elegant cardamom seed this year makes up exclusively committee of model of profession of association of stylist of brand modelling match, China dress and Beijing Heng Huacheng be handed down through generations.

Contest winner attended the ceremony that start last year

As we have learned, the week of China International fashionable dress that will hold in November on 2008 Chun Xia news briefings, colour of the 3rd China International makeup the inherent outmodel conventions that modelling designs a contest to will break through a match, bring a theme to be for fashionable bound " change butterfly " colour is Thespian regale.

At the appointed time, lin Zhiling of contest form acting character will hand in hand tens of the mainland and star of Hong Kong and Taiwan are " beautiful grand ceremony " roll out starlight highway, will hold whip-round activity in finals spot, donate money of earning be apt to Chinese woman to expand foundation aesthetic education entirely special fund, appoint the education that is used at designing a handsome appearance to modelling and mining, the makeup with fashionable indispensable bound modelling industry leads new height.

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