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Look from makeup look today autumn popular trend

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Fanbing is put on the ice

The award of ornamental columns erected in front of palaces this year just ends sina recreation question, but if it is driven, the problem just just begins the mesa on float. The award with regard China as the film the most important one of, the meaning of the attendance of such big circumstance is to depend on prize-giving itself not just. Below the focusing of numerous camera lens, the female star that attends prize-giving grand ceremony people which can take the opportunity contend for strange bottle colourful. This also is numerous star makes up formative is compared greatly go all out.

With safe black white department formal attire is popular different, with dress photograph comparing rises so not easily to consciousness but the makeup look that affects little not at all female bit actually, the tide woman that also can give love the beauty with delicate enlightenment, here we can do an analysis rightly. We are with be full of the female star of representative different situation 4 times exemple:

Fanbing is put on the ice

Those who highlight red lip and skin colour contrast is gorgeous dress up. Suit him Fan Bingbing very much, very beautiful beautiful grab an eye. But not be to apply to all females.

Gong bud 苾

Gong Bei 苾

Makeup facial expression is very clear, match properly with already enough and dazzling aureate formal attire, the small sootiness of eye ministry is used very naturally, be without exaggerative feeling. Integral effect is to make what she is having delicate facial feature facial downier and luster. It is one can draw lessons from the makeup look with very strong sex.

Yao morning

Yao Chen

The makeup look of He Gongbei 苾 rose to yield the result with facial more downy feeling on the effect, and same clear nature.

Actually, they the makeup look of 2 people out some international is famous the hand of the professional modelling division of the brand. The concept of the modelling division of big shop sign is Jing is brought to admire in nature.

Zhang Ziyi:

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