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TV arena makes up plastic arts

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In recent years, as a result of the abundance of TV arena art and development, especially TV is literary the prosperity of the evening party, the fashionable of TV entertainment program, the vogue that TV arena designs turns a tide, make the skill that arena modelling makes up ceaseless improve, and Thespian arena modelling moves toward diversity gradually, design in model of original scenic of mere bureau be confined to, make up gimmick, lighting effects, begin to get used to the need that more TV transmit, face more televiewer; Of detail reveal, of close-up apply, make make up modelling more tend true, exquisite.

A of drama important characteristic gives priority to body with the actor namely, movement of character of integrated carry diction, vocal, body, dancing model a figure figure that has uniqueness case, the correlation that adopts these figures in specific environment will convey thematic idea. So, when the actor is creating a part, besides the basis the script is dug, still need to explore the exterior feature of the spiritual outlook that can reflect a figure. This makes up just about artistic main task and purpose.

Return basic makeup on modelling, answer to set out strictly from arena character above all, model the actor's appearance with real life for the basis, make up personnel wants to study a play seriously, if likely, still ought to survey an experience in real life, need to study referenced and many figure and literal data, in order to help the main and exterior feature that oneself hold a person correctly, finish the job that portrays a character smoothly thereby. Making up in formative process, avoid by all means the sort of breaking away from character, break away from the life, pure the for the United States tendency that dresses up the actor beautifully. So, in TV scenic the picture effect of the actor that in making up, should think of to appear on screen more, with at that time narrative or the atmosphere photograph of singing and dancing is consistent.

Apply make up skill, in order to get used to the TV program form of all sorts of different conditions, when shaping TV character image, actor (include acrobatics, singing and dancing to wait) unified in the show make up, but because of different field and condition, its effect also is discrepant. We think: The different environment that the actor's makeup wants mature theater and condition (the configuration of theatrical size, lighting, tonal with lose by force) and in lamplight of all sorts of specially good effect cooperate to fall, of dress and setting foil integratedly action.

2007 " Hua Dongliu visits social evening of one city Spring Festival " in begin singing and dancing, direct those who engineered amorous feelings of each district singing and dancing to reveal, be called " vibrant Hua Dong " , benefit of song, Fujian brings canzonet of unconscious hill of short for the Yihe River of its collect Shandong, Zhejiang Shaoxing rice wine lamp of flower-drum of female, Anhui, Shanghai is classic and fashionable combination, Jiangsu collects tea Jing Gang of female, Jiangxi of Shangong song different and stylistic, different, reveal harmony China east wind is collected. For pursuit already former juice raw ingredient does not miss contemporary distinguishing feature again, makeup girl basically is through making up and hairstyle design will behave the ethical folk color with this full-bodied and bright dancing and district culture characteristic, each dancing models a specific dancing figure, and make up, hairstyle design undertakes conceiving designing around this one figure.
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