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Makeup division beauty watchs top class colour in vain

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Makeup division beauty watchs top class colour of Zhang Ren in vain

Area of P&G Beauty China carries out originality chief inspector, east cropland modelling is senior modelling division. Entered 1998 make up modelling industry, the autograph was made an appointment with 2001 east cropland modelling, participate in multinomial and large fashionable activity and news briefing. Publish " the four seasons is beautiful makeup modelling " be the gather that he is explored wholeheartedly for years and tries hard make, the life love the United States that is broad China female is directive. His job involves the many fields such as movie and TV, advertisement, arena, fashionable dress, education, cooperate with numerous star, work often is published at each old fashionable records. Held the post of area of Max Factor China 2005 colour makeup Great Master and executive originality chief inspector, held the post of area of P&G Beauty China to carry out originality chief inspector 2006, devote oneself to to promote an Asia the woman especially the beauty that Chinese female skins, still put forward professional beautiful white plan to make flesh of female bright Bai Mei. Of Zhang Ren depend on intelligent, sagacious, inspiration and passion, depend on masterly professional skill and substantial knowledge, become home to have the modelling stylist of fame quite.

Q: You pursue hairdressing modelling trade already for a long time, have oneself beautiful white point of view?

A: I am mixed from the professional knowledge that accumulates for years the understanding of characteristics of pair of Asian woman skin, and was passed in the job countless attempts and take exercise, discovering the condition that fits Asian skin to fair-skinned in vain is Bai Deshui embellish, white lucid.

Q: Normally Bai Xi's skin often lacks Shui Runhe to connect feel fully, how do you feel ability lets skin become is embellish appeared?

A: The corneous layer of structural close fact, even water dissolve covering layer and coriaceous cell film are the natural protective screen with best skin, no matter any segment gave an issue among them, our skin is met evaporate, sere dark dumb. In the woman that permanent worker of air conditioning room makes, skin lacks water the most easily, of weekly keeping film of wet beautiful flour is to alleviate the solution with dry skin. The measurable massage after face film, knead hold, can supply oxygen for skin, enhance skin appear a gender. Such nursing can make skin white fair-skinneding moist is connected fully.

Q: Make skin achieves perfect status, what shortcut is there?

A: As a makeup girl, the secret that I think to want beauty definitely actually very simple: Discover your problem conscientiously, unremitting ground solves a problem. Caress skin to do not have what shortcut, want your unremitting only nurse, can find the method that suits oneself, everybody can blossom the beauty that belongs to oneself.
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