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Wedding prepares specification

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8 to 6 months before

Choose decides wedding day to decorate bridal chamber to decide bridal form and budget predict guest list reachs the checkup before booking feast to choose company of photography formal attire to order both sides of formal attire consult to parent opinion is taken an active part in and understand bilateral domesticity marriage

Before 3 months

The etiquette and custom of understanding marriage searchs ceremonial location, give up of marriage of estimation charge choose and buy and headgear undertake beautifying hair, hairdressing, of whole, whole body maintain the conduct financial transactions that the plan will come to and travel of tourism of birth scheduling honeymoon

Before 2 months

Purchase bridal chamber furniture to film marry to be reached according to design hairstyle try makeup post of design happy event accompanies list of man, a matron of honour to deal with a passport certainly (travel like honeymoon going abroad)

Before a half moon

Purchase things of furniture, home appliance to invite preside over a wedding ceremony person, introducer decides honeymoon journey detail books ceremony car to apply for marriage holiday to the company

Before a month

Personnel of photography of decision of decision wedding detail, kinescope is added before buying honeymoon place to need article to print a week of bridal chamber of happy post decorate

Send happy note, and the phone affirms attend guest to order honeymoon journey journey and hotel and restaurant to knock decide each matters concerned, include number of famished look, desk and dinner customer area to decide list of bridal staff member orders a bride to hold flower, a matron of honour in both hands to boost flower, various chest flower and ceremony car use a firework. Clean new residence

2 days ago

The cigarette that customer of the dinner that order wanted that day, wine, soda water, candied, melon seeds. Marriage banquet article sends to marriage banquet place to do all sorts of maintaining to be fond of post service to appoint guest place and bridal staff member to affirm detail and time check honeymoon journey place to should carry clothings to undertake to marriage banquet place again to beauty parlour decorate and decorate knock with marriage banquet place again surely

Before 1 day

Systemic skin maintains ring calm the next day with beautician hairdressing, beautify hair time is offerred marry the case gift that wants that day and red bag marry certainly dress of banquet of formal attire, marriage is tasted always morrow place needs headgear, fittings, shoe to all must put the sleep with enough appropriate (before sleeping)

Marry that day timeline

Eat big breakfast to ask 9 good friends to follow side arrange sundry, the newly-married that assistance changes formal attire man to prepare gift to greet close dinner customer to move toward happiness, sweetness to woman home lives
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