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The wonderful hour on wedding

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To the woman, marry the garment unlined upper garment that day always is the most beautiful. If we cannot foretell to did not come, that is good today with respect to calm case, a lot of after year, think back to when us today when still can show off the ground to say at least, that can be the modernest at that time. Choice marriage formal attire is so differ want surely must riveting became sufficient effort, as long as can ground of do sth for the occasion stresses fashionable feeling well, can become 2004 the most beautiful bride of Chun Xia.
Marry celebration although time is not long, but the mark is worn a girl is married the status change of humanness Fu, the time that differs namely probably because of this fashionable feeling paragraph, reveal a different happy expression.

Marriage oath phase

Formal attire of 1. marriage gauze belongs to one-time consumption commonly, feng Jian is complete by move your purse. If want careful calculation and strict budgeting, do not have necessary investment too much, can go up in atmosphere, make great efforts on colour, need not make excessive demands overly of detail delicate.
2. is the most popular clean despise fully bright makeup look can let you present the purest appearance. Those who make up is best the colour exchange with marriage gauze, not certain too thick, otherwise can friends ask " is this you? Otherwise can friends ask " is this you??
The proposal chooses color: Have spring most the pink of susceptibility Huang He of green, pink's most dauntless white.

Marriage banquet phase

1. and marriage gauze, grand dress suit is different, the formal attire of marriage banquet still can be worn in other circumstance normally, accordingly, material should be paid attention to on charge for the making of sth. character some. Somes investment strength is great are very be necessary.
2. colour had better choose the festival, lucky, fashion colour that suits his very much, such coming down that wearing in other circumstance also won't blank.
3. hair is not certain must coil up is gotten high, made him for no reason old go several years old, can use popular this year newest hair style, if taking little to lead sexual chaos makeup, for the holder with present give attention to two or morethings, especially elder, bridal tousle is not certain very explode, want a little messy feeling only, with respect to can popular, sex appeal.
The proposal chooses color: High aureate the pink with sexy romance is purple.

End phase

1. does not want the red with informal cheap options as far as possible kind dishabille is dealt with, total meeting gives a person the sense of ending of a kind of carelessly.
2. is not certain purchase to inn of bridal formal attire, a lot of fashionable dress inn can let you find popular element and wealth and rank the complacent garment unlined upper garment of festival give attention to two or morethings.
3. is best can configure a delicate evening to install vanity. Stand in the doorway, pull a vanity not only practical, let you very easily also show the most elegant and easy attitude.
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