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The recipe that your wedding remembers to the end of his life

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Marrying is caper making a person undoubtedly extremely day, but be yearned for to make preparations over there, accurate bridegroom accurate bride is met by one pile general affairs disturbing, often oversight a lot of detail. To make wedding more perfect, notice please the following each:

◇ writes a letter, write down you to look into and dream to what the new student lives, collect it rise. Till you are the following years. Be like 25 anniversary, open it together, see both of you live to whether be like at the outset pray looks.

◇ imprints on invitation card attempt of start off line, let what honored guests are clear about know the correct position that wedding holds.

The yearning protocol that ◇ is you a theme! Returning those who have a flower to cooperate is very important, want to notice different flower has different special meaning.

Of ◇ wedding that day, can be the perfume that likes on oneself and spouse gush, can make everybody spirit enlivens.

Newlywed likes ◇ break a tradition, so say a word for what he drafts a having sth new!

◇ is preliminary inside the assembly room room of a bride, can make what the bride rests use, also can deposit gem headgear and dress.

◇ guides parents to enter an assembly room to sit by bridegroom, in order to show respect.

◇ asks a friend or family member you the first time it is good that meeting photograph or video take editing and rearrangement, broadcast in the assembly room.

◇ arrangement band is displayed sing or attendant in broadcast music.

During ◇ travels when you and honeymoon of spouse spend joyfully, do not forget to bring a surprise for parents -- send piece of postcard to give them!

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