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The changes of marriage banquet

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Marry it is life an important matter, and marriage banquet is the most important one link in whole wedding. Let close friends gather meal eating food will express to congratulate, also be the testimony of pair of new personality love. As the development of the times, marriage banquet also is changing slowly.

Candied biscuit entertains a guest
Going up great majority of 669 time marrier did not hold the century marriage banquet, because material shorts at that time, a lot of thing is supply by the ticket, where is capable to do banquet. Marry very simple, it is new personality buys some of candied biscuit to entertain close friends normally. Everybody is taking candy gladly at the same time, be troubled by bridal chamber at the same time, did not make the game of bridal chamber so much now in those days, but have as about the same as present content, introduce love to pass namely, it is performance program in addition, sing for instance, dance and so on.

Oneself start work do wine
Time is entered on century 80 time, at this moment people living standard rises substantially than having in the past, then a lot of youths are satisfied at acting as with candied biscuit only no longer marriage banquet leading role, some people begin to place wine fete guest to the hotel, also have dining room of some of unit of new personality hire or hotel, invite him master to do wine. The way that new people hires dinning hall to ask wedding feast is very hard, everything should kiss force to be in person, banquet of a marriage comes down, often so tired that dazed head goes up.
The course that attends wedding breakfast bales the practice that go back in those day ever very general. Material lives at that time still is not very rich, the person that comes round to drink wedding feast won't be right a dish on the desk dispose of, they eat the Shang Cai of a few bad belts only normally, bale the dish of the others next, bring back the home and family to be shared together, basically be to give the child to staying.

Entertain guests to the hotel
The hotel builds more more now, mutual the competition between is very intense also, hotel to strive for passenger source, the change manages a manner, service level had very big rise.
Nowadays, a lot of hotels not only avoid collect all sorts of fee, offer form a complete set freely still to serve to new personality. Of course several times new personality spends the money on marriage banquet was in the past, outside be being taken oneself except wine water, common wedding breakfast also arrived every desk is controlled 400 yuan, the marriage banquet of most new personality not under 500 yuan of one desk. Still have 1000 yuan in addition, the wedding breakfast of 2000 yuan of one desk, cookbook holds the post of you to choose. What answer relatively to it is, wedding breakfast class is higher, the free service item that the hotel offers is more, such as offers honeymoon flatlet, offer the following day self-help breakfast.
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