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Entering bridal chamber is " Huang Di " decided custom

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The mankind lives from burrow type transfer today's high buildings and large mansions, but into bridal chamber this one noun still was not changed up to now. People marry to still be called " into bridal chamber " , who had never seen " into bridal chamber " instead " into the building " .

Fabulous, this is us regulation of yellow emperor of thill of ancestral a small room comes down.

Huang Di changes " group marriage " for " monogamy "

Yellow emperor be defeated ignorants blame, appeased a war, build tribal alliance, checked group marriage, ended cruel li of generation, human civilization times began from now on at first.

Spend the human period of group marriage of be used to, should change a monogamy at a draught this is how to not allow an easy thing! This is before 5000, be afraid also is a great revolution. For this pair of tribal alliance that just united, group marriage system is put in move pole to go against unitive element, often happen grab marriage incident, not only male grab female, also have female grab male. Between the tribe of new alliance, often be grab marriage happen fight affray. Time grows, contradictory and inevitable become acute, what there is new division again between tribe is likely. Huang Di is this thing often depressed. He looks for the chancellery beside constant first, the person such as herd of big grand, wind hind, force, Cang Jie. For many times consultative how to check group marriage, build a monogamy, everybody did not think up everybody a feasible method.

Huang Di is invented " bridal chamber " will maintain marry order

One day, huang Di follows the cave that with a flock of big gigantic round of drinks Cha Qunmin lives safe. Discover the family is living suddenly 3 burrow, to prevent beast inroad, with stone base removes high enclosing wall all round, leave next person to be able to give the entrance that take only. This discovery arouses Huang Di's interest instantly. That day in the evening he with respect to call in beside all chancellery. Huang Di says: "I have check the idea of group marriage, speak out to make everybody eristic one time, look to be no good all right " . Numerous official calls Huang Di to be told quickly. Huang Di says: "We looked today group civilian people living burrow, I think, check the only way of group marriage, it is every will match Cheng Yinan henceforth one female husband and wife, when marrying, collect tribe first group civilian come round to congratulate, powwow, heaven and earth is done obeisance to on, play the woman that do obeisance to dad, photograph of husband and wife is done obeisance to. Next, eat wine to congratulate, festively singing and dancing, declare two people marry already formally. Next, again husband and wife 2 people send advance preparation good burrow (room) in, base removes tall wall all round, discrepancy leaves a door only, have a meal drink water to be sent by the family member in home of both sides of male and female, grow March, short criterion 40 days, let them build feeling of husband and wife in the hole, the society makes a fire cook, learn how to get along. Henceforth, always tribal person married the men and women of bridal chamber, this makes marry formally, or else allows to grab others men and women in disorder. For distinction married with maiden, the woman that every married, must pull shock hair a knot. People looks, know this woman already got married, other man or else can have a plan additionally, made tribal statute otherwise. Made tribal statute otherwise..
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