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Ancient time marries ceremony

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Set out: Provide for crab calls? of Jin of  of  of  of the larva of a tapeworm or the cercaria of a schistosome of    to cry before prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun sets out, go to the bride's side, will prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan to Shi Zaiming of the bride's side,

Welcome guest: Dumpling bring a case to court identifies the person of rash? the others to get off then, bridegroom by the bride's side young generation goes out please.

Introduce: Crab horn child go-between of? of  of humerus of cliff fellow Ling introduces understanding of bilateral relatives and friends formally, introduce the man to give the wife's family first.

Accept ask forring: Red bag; gives to display the gift the hall after crab teachs  of Ю Cheng technetium to the upper arm  ? woman is accepted, go-between hires size, parent of woman of hand over item by item of golden act the role ofing, list of present, woman relatives and friends has accepted the gift, display offerings on deities desk.

Feng Tian tea: Bridegroom of? of Guang of at present of び of endowment Zi Lai occupies part of crab of peptide of pay attention to of  artisan け end. Accurate bride guides a hall by woman of one good life, holding in both hands sweet tea respects tea to man guest.

Press a teacup:  blanket Ze walks on relatives and friends of man of? of Zhan Pu of Meng of milometer fine gold to need to press a teacup with red bag.

Wear ring: で of page of outskirt of call on  child example mires? of ⑹ the tenth of the twelve Earthly Branches allows a bride to face sit in oneself main hall outside house in the center of (if Zhao Xianze is faced inside) on high chair, low chair becomes warped crural; wears ring at middle finger (right) of male Zun Nv. Accurate bridegroom gives red bag accurate bride.

Change name: Dumpling Dian of Huai Ping of act of reef of  prostitute  ?

Ancestor of hold a memorial ceremony for: Go-between of? of cangue of Ling of bright teach quiet misses lucky sign beside, do obeisance to deities ancestor by hold a memorial ceremony for of woman father and mother subsequently, invocatory bless.

Recompense:  leaf reads massacre of  of crab put down to blow harmonious Cheng Qiang to push branny? of hesitating of Kou of the mail that add a mythical bird like the phoenix to give the man send a present in return 6 or 12.

Be engaged banquet: ┗ as kind of bag scabbard ferment vases Shan? woman has refreshments opens banquet to treat the man (seat male right female left) woman equipment drumstick and attach red bag gives the man young people of a certain kind, the man presses the person red package that all helping send outside table manners to acknowledge except equipment.

See a visitor out: Leave of guest of man of damask silk? comes home, young generation holds the woman in both hands powder keg washs his hands to man guest, be like outside dining-room avoids this ceremony, good-bye does not say when seeing a visitor out.
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