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Yao Ming Xieli Shanghai is big on August 6 marriage

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From June Mo Lei of rocket group former director divulges Yao Ming is about to marry now, in nearly one many the middle of a month, the wedding of small giant and foliaceous Li makes the central point that numerous media pays close attention to. On August 3, yao Ming and foliaceous Li collected area marriage registry office to get marriage certificate formally in Shanghai Xu. Today, two people will hold wedding in big public house of sweet case lira. The reporter passes much honest effort, knew a few detail of wedding of Yao, leaf eventually.

Marriage celebrate a company: Crew dispatchs

Yao Ming's wedding asked a famous marriage of Shanghai to celebrate a company to chair, the reporter visited this company yesterday, feel Yao Ming's bridal special part.

Whenever,take put in order on the weekend, marriage celebrate a company very lively, but was located in when the reporter yesterday afternoon static the marriage that brings a district celebrates a company, lose sight of a person however in the doorway. Beat the door a little while, came eventually a lady, got the reporter.

"How is the person so little today? "How is the person so little today??

"A serious person will marry tomorrow, everyone goes he there. Everyone goes he there..

"Who can make you whole does the person of the company turn out in full strength? "Who can make you whole does the person of the company turn out in full strength??

The answer is Yao Ming.

This lady tells a reporter, the company takes the wedding of this Yao Ming seriously very much, these days the company did not arrange other marriage to celebrate an activity, and major yesterday employee has headed for a hotel to decorate establishment, in neat formation in order to wait for.

On the blackboard of the company, writing company recent a few projects thickly. One compose is writing in the upside of a blackboard: On August 6, faculty is punctual go to work. Unite an outfit: Male employee -- black business suit; Female employee -- formal attire of gray of the upper part of the body, private parts skirt...

Disclose according to the staff member, their company is inside course of study fame is very good, the charge that celebrates because of this marriage also needs general marriage celebrates a company to want tall, general situation charge is in probably 10 thousand 5 to 20 thousand the left and right sides. And Yao Ming's marriage celebrates charge comparing to want many a little bit commonly, but also do not calculate very luxurious, and marriage celebrate a company to be in charge of marriage dinner scene only, include yacht to observe some activities that see Pu Jiang, him Yao Ming is engineered.

"You may come in vain today, the wedding that waits for Yao Ming ends, we are contacted again. " although this fare is not much,see, but as a result of Yao Ming famous degree, marriage celebrate a company to take seriously very much.

Marriage celebrate a plan: Marry night before last is knocked calm
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