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Personalized marriage car is challenged " run quickly greatly " " Lincoln "

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Ten QQ car dresses up beamingly go for a spin in astral sea square, there is bridegroom bride in the car of nob. Marriage car need not " run quickly greatly " " Lincoln " , and with personalized motorcade, this one act that appeared recently is adumbrative " seek hegemony " the luxurious car of marriage car industry is facing a challenge.

Bridegroom bride is engaged in changing free design job, the use of him marriage car also thinks of the motorcade of this kind of individuation, more god-given is, pass marriage the motorcade that celebrates a company to search, more more than than in part of the fee below province of other marriage car.

"The occurrence frequency that begins personalized marriage car from this year is increasing. " Dalian the relevant chief of formal company says one lamp, choose to go up in car of marriage car head, more and more new personality begin to choose vehicle of red flag lengthen, these new cars that just got offline last year, let a few new personality feel content is worth somewhat, come the car is new, 2 come be economical, regard a head as the car, its basis that hire valence of market price differ to go to 2000 yuan in 1200 yuan between, control on average in 1500 yuan. So far, dalian city has achieved 20 as the lengthen red flag of marriage car. "New people also begins to accept red flag motorcade, the sense is very good also. " this chief says.

Individuation is behaved not just going up to the choice of marriage car, a few new personality begin to try to drive marriage car for oneself, racing bike begins to regard bridal head as the car and have the market.

Illicit home car is collected as marriage car also begin popularity, somebody is sent on forum post, the friend that calls together Che Youhui will sing the praises, often can comprise the battle array of a few cars, uniform, luxurious marriage motorcade is not defeated absolutely on occasion, and below this kind of circumstance, the oily money that new personality needs to ask everybody to eat a meal to perhaps give 89 yuan only commonly can. Calculate so come down, economic cost can amount to several yuan.

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