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The first marriage of our country celebrates service contract to be born formall

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Carry out in Shanghai, Guangzhou marriage after celebrating the act that serves unified contract to die young early or late, yesterday, industrial and commercial bureau and marriage of Chinese work association celebrate Beijing the first marriage of our country that industry committee makes jointly celebrates service contract to be born formally. The reporter learns, " contract of Wu of Beijing marriage formal attire " demonstrative text will be in whole town since September 1 many 600 normal marriage is celebrated unite in the company use, marriage celebrate an industry " regular army " begin to rise to surface.

Marriage of Chinese work association celebrates industry committee Shikangning tells total a secretary in charge of sth the reporter to a group of data show: Beijing newly-married number exceeded 170 thousand pairs 2006, grow 77 % compared to the same period. Meanwhile, the average marriage of new personality celebrates expense also when the river rises the boat goes up too, the marriage of Peking Man celebrates charge 15 years rose to make an appointment with 20 times. Current, whole town already had many 600 normal wedding to serve an industry. But because serve quality the good and bad are intermingled, the to the service concerned agreement in signing the contract that written contract perhaps abstains in the enterprise beforehand especially is not not specific, comprehensive, played a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story to produce dispute to bury in the future. If entrust some marriage to celebrate a company to provide photography service to new personality, but discover the photo that did not propose a toast with relatives and friends however when taking photo, celebrate company bargaining with this marriage then, ask this company undertakes compensatory. But because both sides undertook only beforehand simple oral negotiate, this marriage celebrates a company to sign the compensatory request that new personality rejected for any written contracts in order to do not have.

Shi Kangning thinks, " contract of Wu of Beijing marriage formal attire " of demonstrative text come on stage, will safeguard marriage the easy order of fair fair orthogonality that celebrates the market, a good head left in the whole nation. He tells a reporter: "This contract not only all marriage that are in Beijing are celebrated carry out in the company, be in even have marriage carry out in the shadow building that celebrates a service. Consumer will try to locate sth by following up a clue henceforth, celebrate service company to whether have aptitude with the marriage that whether uses this contract to judge a choice. Celebrate service company to whether have aptitude with the marriage that whether uses this contract to judge a choice..

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Unite contract innovation content and form

Wang Shan of section chief of department of contract of industrial and commercial bureau tells Beijing the reporter, release formally " Beijing wedding serves a contract " with ask for so the opinion stalks of grain and the photograph of try out draft of the city zone is compared on the west, had bigger innovation to content from the form.
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