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Colored ribbon of bridal gas mist had production level

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Pledged from the country check total bureau learns yesterday, colored ribbon of first gas mist of Chinese is mandatory occupation standard will be carried out formally from September 1, what mark brigadier enrages product of mist colored ribbon is flame retardant make specific provision with outfit quantity.

Gas mist colored ribbon is the agent of mist of a kind of gas that be formed in recent years and develops product, apply extensively at bridal, clique the festival circumstance such as right, festival, add festive atmosphere. But because our country lacks corresponding standard all the time, corresponding standard is lacked in environmental protection, safe respect to the product, make a few fake the product floods the market, explode constantly incident of person giving an injury.

China packs federation to enrage secretary-general of committee of mist agent major to point out, in Euramerican wait for a country with Japan, to enraging mist colored ribbon this kind of product is in the requirement of environmental protection, safe respect is very strict, be in early last centuries 90 time are comprehensive already taboo is combustible model product of mist of colored ribbon gas. Large company was in colored ribbon of Chinese gas mist to succeeded to accord with international with respect to proper motion development 2002 of advanced standard flame retardant model product of gas mist colored ribbon, export Euramerican each country successfully.

But as a result of domestic relative standard be short of break, this kind flame retardant model gas mist colored ribbon is when the congener product competition that needs with safety performance, as a result of cost on the high side cannot gain the market, the standard is short of break the result warning that also invites person incident at the same time to decide occurrence dispute.

According to introducing, colored ribbon of first gas mist is mandatory occupation standard changed by national hair on March 6 this year appoint after releasing, will carry out formally since September 1. The standard is in flame retardant go up with the problem that hold an amount made specific provision, product safety performance will become new market admittance threshold. To avoid " big pot is installed a few " phenomenon, the lowermost charge of product of gas mist colored ribbon still set in the standard, extend the use time of the product.

At present the whole nation produces the enterprise of model of etiquette of gas mist colored ribbon to have 25 probably, main concentration is taken in Guangdong, Zhejiang. (reporter Zhang Weitao)

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