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Wedding has valence to marry in day Chinese expenses year after year is climbed

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Average expenditure year after year is climbed litre

Enter a country according to Japanese Tokyo management board is newest statistic, at present of hold China citizenship in day overseas Chinese, 20 be in to 39 years old talk about marriage talking to marry the age person the 68 % that holds sum total, and according to Sino-Japanese two countries relevant orgnaization is investigated, the average expenditure year after year that latter China and Japanese youth marry is climbed litre. Marry in the Chinese of day, do wedding to want how to many money spend after all?

Be in " Chinese gazette " in network investigation, marry what have 25 % in day Chinese choice expenditure is in above of 15 million yen, reside the first, but among them majority husband and wife will marry buy room plan to enter marry in cost. Wedding costs 1 million yen to occupy 22 % below, reside the 2nd, among them major person chose not to hold wedding or hold simple wedding. Expenditure is in 2 million - of 4 million yen occupy 18 % , among them choose of major person selected is in Japan or China holds traditional marriage celebration.

Does day type wedding cost geometry?

Face technically in day Chinese " jubilate " marriage celebrate a company, once had undertaken in day Chinese for nearly 200 pairs bridal. According to " jubilate " marriage the chief introduction that celebrates a company, choose to hold wedding in Japan can divide roughly in day Chinese it is two kinds: The first kind, both sides is a Chinese, but some day time is longer, japanese colleague, friend and kin are more, and the lifestyle that is used to Japan, like Japanese marriage to celebrate ceremony and service; Another kind is the Chinese that marries with Japanese.

This marriage celebrates company controller to say, choose in day Chinese 1.2 million - what marriage of price of 1.5 million yen celebrates a formula is most, and cost with marriage banquet again in type of marriage Qing Yi the biggest, if dig divides party, can undertake almost with 500 thousand yen a wedding. And the food expenses of marriage banquet, every guest 5000 - 1 . 80 thousand yen differs, overall for choose in day Chinese 8000 - 1 . Of price of 20 thousand yen most, guest is in the majority with 50 person left and right sides. Marriage banquet does to type of Chinese style, day and foreign type arrange wait in Japan can offer an alternative, also can choose Composite arrange. The content that designs as to wedding is trivaller, include feast, chair, formal attire, bouquet, invitation card, acoustics, photograph picture, guest gift and marriage gauze are illuminated etc. Chief says, should reply " in Japan how many money can do a wedding " problem, must a ground undertakes enumerate affirms, it is to differ only occasionally, differ possibly of hundred thousands of yen. (Qiao Wang)

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