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Price war guides bound of deficit marriage gauze brews price tacit agreement

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Next month, the accurate new people that a lot of plans want to pat marriage gauze to illuminate will discover, gauze of before this 2000 yuan of the following marriage covers the phenomenon that the department flies to all over the sky to already became the past, the reporter learns from industry of photography of Fuzhou marriage gauze yesterday, at present building of shadow of each big marriage gauze is brewing Fuzhou a relatively stable price agreement, build tacit agreement of a price to stabilize market price case from this.

Consider establishing price tacit agreement
Abandon low marriage gauze covers a department, predict to be carried out since September

Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, a few days ago, everlasting, Li Baijia, slightly the controller of store of photography of gauze of each big famous marriage assembles in the Fuzhou such as gauze of marriage of new York of bride, new York, Taipei, consider building matters concerned of price tacit agreement.

On the meeting, delegate attending the meeting formed an oral agreement, content is the marriage gauze store with banyan city large scale to will abandon in 2000 yuan the following marriage gauze is covered is the price, the marriage yarn that the store of marriage gauze photography with a few lesser dimensions provides covers department price to also be in 1500 yuan of above; In the meantime, quarter dishes of price also unites marriage gauze in 20 yuan of above, what make a person pay close attention to more is, disappeared in industry of gauze of banyan city marriage long dry-clean expenses gives all corners of the country again again, will collect fees henceforth in the quote table that the project will be added to inn of every marriage gauze, according to divulging, the dry-clean cost that makes this is every 60 yuan rise.

As we have learned, this industry is preliminary the price level that draft predicts to rise to be carried out formally in next month, at present this standard still is editing in the center.

Origin of price tacit agreement
Low price war causes loss of marriage gauze inn

As we have learned, the price tacit agreement that this marriage gauze industry brews still is belonged to in Fuzhou first, a personage inside senior course of study discloses, this also is industry first time such solidarity ground sits to discuss to stop low price war together.

This personage calculated brushstroke Zhang to the reporter, current, the cost of a month is in the store of marriage gauze photography that Fuzhou has certain dimensions at least 200 thousand, if according to this costing, gauze of marriage of a month covers a department according to average 2000 yuan of expenses will calculate, recieves ability of 100 pairs of new personality quits cost, but it is quite difficult that every month should accomplish this number. Accordingly, at present the industry of marriage gauze photography of Fuzhou is to use tactics of sea of faces to make sale more, dig a client from many angle, the marriage gauze inn of beautiful of strategy of a few sale still can keep cost, but the condition that the marriage gauze inn with a bit poor strategy of a few sale is facing lose money in business however.
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