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Times of wedding of individuation of thematic marriage Qing Shouchong already ca

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Dispatch of net of Chinese peaceful wave: (Zhou Yan of reporter of learn on job) May is marriage the traditional busy season that celebrate, in the marriage with numerous nowadays among new personality, increasing taste " artful " the youth is paid attention to have the characteristic, bridal form that has emotional appeal. The reporter understands, a lot of individuation wedding appear in marriage among the professional work that celebrates a company, the personage inside course of study says or state with certainty even, the times of personalized wedding has come.
Traditional wedding no longer one branch alone beautiful

A few days ago, in brook mouth silver Feng Jinjiang travel goes vacationing the village, the name is " 5 kinds of roses " wedding of type of match well of Chinese and Western lets a person find everything new and fresh. On the golf field of a green, the bride is wrapping around fund of marriage gauze fund walks into the Hua Ting that uses keep out of white gauze door curtain in, slowly sit rocking chair, bridegroom is being sung " situation is embraced greatly " , slowgoing the corridor that has gone to be spread by the flower, go to the front of Hua Ting in multicoloured cold firework, gently hold up removes door curtain, genuflect ground presents a flower to the bride, kiss bridal left hand, photograph of two people both hands is grasped, affectionate and infinite, rise from all directions of applause of the guest below the stage... this is an envy letting a person unceasingly lawn is bridal, bridegroom bride outside the means besides reservation tradition, still deduced the Europe type the living theatre of a romance.

"Traditional bridal form is big in hotel or home place banquet, invite close friends to share pleasure, form changes all courses. As life grade rise ceaselessly, a few youths hope to have a bridal form that does not have a color more, trend of bridal form individuation is inevitable. " ceremony of a marriage serves Ning Bo Ding Ling tells the presiding stylist of the company the reporter. With the tradition a few years ago bridal one branch alone elegant circumstance look is compared, individuation is bridal nowadays more and more be welcomed, of people envisage a space to get greater progress: Wedding of ball of musical wedding, candle power wedding, meadow wedding, garden cafe wedding, houseboat wedding, steam, underwater wedding, compulsory labor is bridal... in and other places of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, nowadays returns the wedding on popular net even, get on link of bridal grand occasion in the network direct seeding.

This presiding stylist tells a reporter, although the price of personalized wedding is average,want than traditional wedding expensive, but there still are 60% requirements to add characteristic element in traditional form in her client, and the client of 30% is met individuation of whole journey practice is bridal. Begin from last year, she was designed in succession " QQ love reason " wait for greatly small fraction to be in love 100 times with bridegroom bride the wedding that experience gives priority to a problem.
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