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Cost raises marriage celebrate food market " when the river rises the boat goes

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All preparation drive the new personality that marries by Olympic Games Xi Xiangfeng to want next year advertent, marry cost may raise somewhat. The reporter interviews understanding to arrive, this is rise in price by force of raw material be caused by.

"Originally thousands of yuan can do decided thing, get on the flower 10 thousand yuan now. " in Henan province marriage celebrates Li Haibo of industry committee chairman to look, marriage celebrate cost to rise sharply or encounter first, "September is to marry busy season, predicting next year is more flourishing is added on flourishing " .

In marry cost " go up " sound in, the personage inside course of study is raised action, intervene ahead of schedule negotiate bridal matters concerned, still have " Jew " leeway.

Cost raises place marriage banquet be the first to be affected

Ms. Wang that prepares to entered marital hall this year in October made anxious: Water of the candy that when marrying, uses, flower, wine even feast price had different rate rise. "Was head and shoulders above original expenditure budget! " Ms. Wang says.

Raw material cost raises, the pressure of operator is synchronous also increase, meal course of study particularly apparent. Be in one scene wine shop, the reporter understands, the marriage banquet price of different class is brewing this inn on tone: 438~688 yuan the bag desk between all wants to raise 20 yuan of money on original price basis.

Chief expresses related one scene wine shop, suffer be caused by of resource of raw material cost, manpower, restaurant is helpless tone price, predicting next month begins to implement marriage banquet new price. "Not afraid consumer is not accepted, will marry be about to spend money, 2 will go up the price of tone is not quite high " .

Introduce according to personage of know the inside story of meal course of study, at present the marriage banquet price of individual public house already was adjusted somewhat, medium or medium classy slant the hotel below has not been moved temporarily, rise in price the reason is raw material rise in price. "For instance restaurant rolls out gather up pig face this dish, it is to sell a compensate at present, pork is too expensive ah " .

As we have learned, after the Spring Festival passes this year, meal industry expresses generally " some be unable to stand " , hotel profit by greatly attenuant, by force of management pressure, marriage banquet price rises necessarily. This also is one of fee with bigger expenditure of new people preparatory wedding.

Candy rises in price marriage celebrate a company to do not have stock up

Besides place marriage banquet, the festival things price that when marrying, should use also has rise. Promote hair marriage to celebrate formal staff member introduction according to the prairie, flower, melon seeds, prop, candy rise somewhat. "E.g. , wet melon seeds by 4.5 original yuan go up one jin 5 yuan or 6 yuan a jin, become known hare went up every jins 1 yuan many. The things such as the flower that when marrying, should use, prop all has rise in price. " the member that should work introduces.
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