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Marriage age defers male appropriate to be 25 years old to 31 years old of femal

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30 years old of or so males are optimum marry

This " Chinese society marriage loves findings report " the example investigation that begins by a definite date one year since last year August, the pattern that through street interview of visit, deepness and Internet investigate, add up to suffer visit a crowd to exceed 2 million person. The investigation 2006 shows, the female of more than 90% thinks, the marriage that the 23 males that reach 26 years old are ideal object, and 30 years old of right-and-left men criterion only by half female " value " .

And arrived 2007, 30 years old, the good impression of man of 31 years old is spent add suddenly unexpectedly to 80% , that is to say, the 8 women that become the left and right sides think and stand year the man is optimum marry.

25 years old of women are the best marry object

Under photograph comparing, ideal marriage the age is brutaller to the female. Most (the female that 65%) man thinks optimal marriage object is 25 years old, since 30 years old, their marriage the opportunity drops point-blank: 30 years old when, the man that has 25.5% thinks to marry her to return OK; 35 years old when, only the man of 12.5% can be accepted.

And the male is about a lot of more relaxed, although arrive 35 years old to still the female of 1/3 is willing to marry him, even 40 years old " not be puzzled man " the woman that still has 15.2% will choose him.

The expert is unscrambled

Age of female comfortable marriage is shorter than the male

Although official statistic data makes clear, at present female of prep above of gross of our country male, but appear in reality " remnant daughter " always over " remnant male " . This is in " Chinese society marriage loves findings report " in can find the solution.

The marriage of city the Women's Federation loves expert trade teacher to think, suffer effect of each respect element, comfortable marriage age of the female wants than the male normally short, "Be the same as for instance appearance is 25 years old, the male can choose from 989 to the girl of 1956, but woman of 25 years old accepts the boy of 989 very hard. " accordingly, the marital pressure that the female gets actually bigger, also be to be more in reality " marry a daughter " and the parents that worry about.

Participate in the staff member analysis that compose reports this to think, the pressure that the element such as the job and life cost creates is the main reason that causes age of male appropriate marriage to defer. Integrated each investigation data, this report thinks, the men and women is great to conjugal expectation difference, marriage love the reality that losing order is inevitability.

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