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Married couples get together yesterday perfect Leshan

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Yesterday (10) Day is October 10, 2010, is a moral to be  "perfect", "Best wedding day in the history of" days, many couples have chosen this Leshan's registration of marriage and the wedding day ceremony.

New record

Half-day 64 pairs of new registration

Yesterday 8:40 from the usual Central District, Leshan City Marriage Registry staff work hours and 20 minutes to obtain a permit when a reporter walked into the hall, we found that the hall has been waiting in a long queue.

"Although today is a rest day, but because this day is special, so we have to work overtime specifically for the new registration of marriage, and work hours than usual has been working in advance." Leshan City in the District Marriage Registration Office official said, a lot of new people will want to registration of marriage this day, where this specially deployed additional staff.

It is understood that starting from October 8, Leshan City in the District Marriage Registry had 20 couples come to make an appointment for registration. As of 12:30 yesterday, the registration ended, only half a day and 64 in Central City, the couple married and had a significant increase compared with the usual. "Today the number of registered marriages couple of half-day calendar year set a record number of registered marriages on." Leshan City in the District Marriage Registration Office official told reporters.

The luckiest

Two pairs of licensing of new 10

"We went to 8 am, the original want to catch an early and did not expect to actually lined up on the 20th ... ..." in the Central District, Leshan City Hall Marriage Registry, the young boy holding Arranging single Dinghai Zhou, Tao Qingqing the tension side of the bride looked at the data.

Needle was pointing at 10 o'clock on October 10 2010, luck came in the two couples who Taoqing Qing, Ding Haizhou party with another couple over, Peng Xia, who took over from the staff at the same time the marriage certificate.

Two pairs of new cards received are very pleased, they told reporters: "October 10, 2010 was a rare case of a good day, we can receive that day's 10:00 is simply a marriage certificate so lucky." Yuehua Jian, to take up the bride and groom Fangchao Xing Fen Xia Peng, the arrival of a live version of "The Pig wife back."

Most popular

Major hotels were full wedding

October has always been married to the peak of October 10 has stimulated a rest day, so the major hotels in Leshan City are full wedding banquet yesterday.

It is understood that some new people for not being able to catch up September 9, 2009 wedding, wedding ceremony intentionally delayed until October 10, 2010. A wedding company official said late last year, people come to their company Book October 10, 2010 wedding ceremony. It is understood that the appointment in the October 10 ceremony too many newcomers, some companies have turned down some of the wedding business.


Choose the right person selected as a good day

Maybe you still remember August 8, 2008 "Olympic wedding", September 9, 2009 "love you long long marriage," these are the days of married couples get together, but similar to the "good old days" of the divorce rate is also has been a continuing concern.

"Choose a good day, I hope marriage is a good start, so the mood is understandable, but still a rational basis in the election than choose the right person a good day!" Leshan City is responsible for marriage registration in the District, stressed that a happy life, or two people need to get down to careful management.

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