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Couples married 12 years is a high risk of marital breakdown

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U.S. film "The Seven Year Itch," created a generation of actress Marilyn Monroe •, but also to plain water, tepid marriage state to find the best "adjective." Many people will get married 7 years as a Dao Kaner. The BBC recently reported that a survey of the country have shown, "The Seven Year Itch" is not accurate, it should be changed to "12 year itch." The survey conducted by the accounting firm Grant Thornton UK, 90 UK law firm records of large family dispute cases were analyzed. The results show that marriage is a marriage of 12 years easier to collapse the "high-risk period." The main reason is that both sides of estrangement feelings or thoughts, or marriage has no love element. Bad faith by a party, look for another new love led to the divorce, accounting for the total number of 1 / 4. Economic downturn also make many families fall apart Segregation. East China Normal University said Ye Bin, director, both 7 years or 12 years, are marriage must go through a process. Both Chinese and foreign, most couples will face this problem. Married a long time, responsibility will replace the love and marriage as the "main pillars." If you feel itching, both spouses should be more communication, the details of life on the innovation, change, rather than pessimistically abandoned. Otherwise, The idea of marriage will be difficult to mature.
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