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Muslim wedding customs

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Wedding, the Hui people, a lifetime gift. Old son often Muslim wedding, married name is "pass the bear children", that this is "marriage is" the responsibility of the elderly. Hui special attention and pay attention to the wedding, but the Muslims spread throughout the country, Muslim wedding variety of forms. According to historical records, the Muslim marriage customs are mostly run according to religious rules. If a wife has to go through the matchmaker to mention your parents, gift, write the marriage certificate, marriage and other auspicious day selection process. According to "Guyuan state records," said in the past Guyuan marriage proposal, "first call the matchmaker through name, but not the provision of the same surname, tea, fruit meeting duly satisfied" and so, after which they "fix a day to send clothing," and so on. Wedding day arrived, "married to the woman home then married Shuo, send sheep, wheat, edible vegetable oil, etc.." Wedding night, but also please read A runners, "the Koran", the next morning, the newlyweds want to wash a large net. "Suiyuan Guisui County" contains: "Back to the popular trio to be the matchmaker, palm to teach one person, can only proposal of marriage, men and women Presiding over Wedding Ceremony as agreed, shaking hands for the letter, can not stand the marriage, not pro-Ying, no drums. Bride Alighting by his brothers hold into the bridal chamber. but not relatives, to whom prayers to be like A prostrate St. and the evening, the groom asks the bride to eight of the original root, can answer, before the line into the ceremony. "" Heilongjiang Chi "also contains: "bride into the bridal chamber, sitting on the kang wall, that the blessing to sit in the evening, men and women set new houses, fresh longevity noodles to accompany the new couple. the following morning, still feast their relatives and friends paid respects to the bride followed, friends elders, there are given, money or different . " The first Muslims in the media, please Linxia, and second, tea set, three are satisfied that the bride price, four are married. Either from historical records, surveys or from the reality of view, Muslim wedding customs, much the same all over, summed up the main road through the following procedures: Please mention the pro matchmaker, look at housekeeping Road, said two-color head (also called tea set) , flower (also known as engagement), married, read Nika Ha, spreading joy, bridal chamber, put needle and thread, back to the doors.
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