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Wedding Expo, just like a wedding show

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This morning, hosted by the Shaoxing Daily, Five Star, and co-Long Fu Bang Makai first Wedding Expo 2010 in Shaoxing China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wedding Expo will last three days. Carried out before the exhibition, exhibition hall, hundreds of sheets hanging blind people attract a lot of information to catch the early attention of the public to participate in activities. Many parents took note of information under a blind person. 9:00 or so, an increasing flow the venue. Exhibition hall, exhibitors have also resorted to recruit their own patients, such as a hi shop the candy among the most personality placed in the cabinet before, there are also Western-style wedding wedding dress of Chinese companies into the hall, so that couples a reference. Also on-site electrical business, wine and restaurants have exhibitors, also introduced a series of preferential measures to attract customers. "Wedding Expo to participate, mainly light a phase, so that consumers understand the current wedding industry, but also on our brand impression." One exhibitor said. According to reports, the event display area of 8100 square meters, a total wedding company, studio, wedding supplies, travel agencies, hotels, a total of 51 exhibitors, this is largest in the history of Shaoxing, a wedding industry the highest quality comprehensive exhibition. Activities off-site also staged a lotus, and personalized wedding catwalk show models and so on, to the public display different kind of romantic.
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