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Gift epigraph has written the gift that is stuck in relatives and friends to give to go up with word of red paper gold commonly. Its design is right upper part is written " look up " , epigraph of intermediate big book, wrong lower part writes gift or letter. Its look up to want suit identity with the wording of inscribe, citing is as follows:
1, congratulate is engaged:
Conclude article of happy match  decides lucky  to get married only then an affectionate couple of conclude of  happy event
The predestined relationship orders the fate brings lovers together of 3 unripe  suitable  Bai Shoucheng makes an appointment with a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center of  an affectionate couple to close
Vow is homocentric the Xu Ding of  of happy match of knot of alliance  alliance with lifelong  is lifelong
2, congratulate newly-married:
Heaven-made union  hundred years add up to  very much an affectionate couple of  of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of hundred years musical instrument is right dance
Live to old age in conjugal bliss day of  of coincidence of  nature predestined relationship aing happy married couple becomes  bead to close even a round flat piece of jade with a hole in its center
Always written guarantee homocentric  Yong Mu loves river  to have mutual affinity  alliance aing happy married couple
Hit it off perfectly  of Jing Rubin of photograph of  of  perfect conjugal bliss links a branch and the base of a fruit
Happy match of  of perfect happy match concludes a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument of  musical instrument always He Ming of husband and wife of  of in the company of
Yu Fei  spends phoenix of  of home of fitting room appropriate and  of the base of a fruit hundred years grow old together
3, congratulate marries female:
Cross fair maiden of Feng Chenglong  at putting in  's charge at Fu assist Yan Yufei of auspicious  swallow
Those who multiply Long Zhiqing  child at putting in  's charge easy the beautiful of  comfortable choose of a drive husband
The base of a fruit writtens guarantee homocentric  Feng Bo puts in prosperous  's charge auspicious ask for phoenix law  clever anthology east bed

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