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Introducer delivers a speech give typical examples

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Bridegroom, bride, chief witness at a wedding ceremony, preside over a wedding ceremony each person, guest:

Everybody is good! Today is Mr Chen Gaozhi and Miss Renmeimei conclude happy match, the hundred years great rejoicing day that closes very much. As their introducer, attend this newly-married ceremony, I feel special honor. In the meantime, I also feel ashamed, because of me this introducer did introductory work of a minute only, introduce them to know namely, the communication of the others, appointment, before the flowers and below the moon Qing Qing I I am waited a moment, themselves is finished.

This is pardonable also, you see a bride so dignified and beautiful, bridegroom is so brilliant and cheesy, have ability again, it is female appearance Lang Cai really, heaven-made union. I bless virtuous married couple heartily, affection be sure to, meaning is unbroken, hundred years grow old together, always bath loves a river.

Note: Introducer namely go-between, also call a soubrette. Introducer delivers a speech to want to notice the appeal of the language commonly, bring atmosphere of whole marriage banquet into play at a draught.

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