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Guest delivers a speech give typical examples

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Bridegroom, bride, preside over a wedding ceremony each person, guest:

Today is old, benevolence two close the great rejoicing day of marriage, little younger brother cheats host to invite, be able to attend grand meeting, be honoured extremely. I represent all guest, newly-married of beatific bride bridegroom is happy, perfect and happy.

Everybody knows, of the society prosperous it is a foundation with the happiness of individual family, domestic happiness with marriage perfect for start, marriage is social foundation. Today Mr Chen and benevolence young lady marriage, a perfect match between a man and a girl, day aing happy married couple is become. I had hoped two sing along with grow old together, forgive of coadjutant each other, joint efforts, create perfect and happy family. Wish bridegroom bride health is happy, he Ming of husband and wife, live to old age in conjugal bliss.

Note: Guest delivers a speech, it is the compeer that asks bride or bridegroom commonly.

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