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Life can have the the most unforgettable, happiest hour a few times, I just feel extremely excited from the heart truly today, extremely happy, more clinking and unforgettable. I and sweetheart Miss   marry today, the father and mother that has us, elder, kin, intimate and leader are in 100 busy in the center come from afar join my two bridal celebration, brought joy to today's wedding, brought joyance, brought genuine blessing. Take the opportunity, let me two again is to want to thank parents sincerely to foster us especially adult, thank the leader's care, thank the blessing of friends.

Believe me please, I can love my wife deeply forever, pass us the both hands of laborious wisdom, regular meeting creates perfect happy family.

Finally, ask everybody and us to sharing the night of happy joy together.

Wish everybody thing of good luck, dream is become.
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