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Chief witness at a wedding ceremony delivers a speech give typical examples

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Bridegroom, bride, preside over a wedding ceremony each person, introducer, honored guest:

Today celestial bodies of auspicious day good people, it is Chen Gaozhi and Renmeimei close marriage conclude the day of hundred years joy. In the day of this great rejoicing, newly-married of bride of my blessing bridegroom is happy, honeymoon happiness. Each other of husband and wife respects each other love, get along well, take care of each other, the job tries hard, study progresses, live to old age in conjugal bliss, perfect and happy! Wish everybody honored guest health is happy!


"Chief witness at a wedding ceremony " , it is the bunch that ask the home commonly medium elder, unit is led or the mana on whole marriage banquet compares tall person to do chief witness at a wedding ceremony, should inspect particular case and decide, can ask temporarily in marriage banquet. It is normally in marriage banquet in the begining, ask chief witness at a wedding ceremony to make card marriage statement.

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