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Marry person make a pledge

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We two people sincerely on date (date of the traditional Chinese calendar) the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. , holding marry on celebration, write down a solemn pledge of love, lifelong abide by, on marital road, manage jointly, catastrophic slight illness, give aid to each other, never depart. Following item, establish next acceptance, cropland of mulberry of melt into of even the sea, mulberry Tian Zaihua is the sea, also want to be entered in all hand in hand, be deeply attached to each other, till hoary head.

One, we make a pledge from marry this daystart, not only become husband and wife, adore each other, partake the joy of the other side and sadness, also become a friend at the same time, and it is a friend who give forthright admonition, mutual encourage, mutual admonish, mutual criticism.

2, we comprehend happy collective life, rely on the heart to communicate completely, so, we are certain be apt to uses utterance, convey love, care not only, also make each other borrow communicate deepen understanding with the language, grow together.

Do not rebuke gruffly absolutely, need not limbs replaces one's words, do not allow to produce marital force absolutely.

3, our acknowledge family and career are the fructification that husband and wife manages jointly, the contribution of husband and wife to the family equivalence, be inside the family or socially, value is identical, work salary no matter how many, the salary that housework works is as same as its.

4, we agree we have children in the future, the if have,differs opinion on certainly, have the opinion that acuteness confronts each other even, regular meeting restrains him, go consulting an expert, do not regard the child as absolutely the tool that him implementation hopes, also absolutely need not the child comes play the peacock.

5, we think monogamy, it is the huge rock with stable society, it is children grow the safest breeding ground, we like and value this kind of system, use fact and act, preserve its dignity.

6, our vigilance matrimony is not well-rounded, it not only ordinary, and trifling, if not alimentary cherish, make life easily gaunt, interior vulgar, live so in, we maintain modest holiday certainly, be brought up together with the child.

7, the father and mother that we remember our him give presents sincerely, also the parents of give presents the other side, it is the favour that redound fosters only, also be those who develop case of people on one's own side is complete, next generation that are us establish next model.

8, we understand us the meeting is old in the future, so, we from marry one day this, develop the other and artistic interest besides major, be like book, picturesque, like music, make our life is enriched forever bright.

Sum up above at 8 o'clock, although we cannot be done faultlessly immediately, but we can be gone after patiently, never distress, always stop ceaselessly.

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