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Accompany Lang Qiao to say toast word

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Wine decline should be after all praise the everybody on the banquet one time, still wearing ceremonial robe or dress, the in sad earnest talks about the friendship with bridegroom. You for dynamic atmosphere, tell a few bridegroom how to wanton, how enjoyment, that meeting offends bridegroom parents even the bride is not happy. How should you say after all?  

Your part: Regard the friend's companion as man, what you should do is to let everybody know to your friend is before the sweetheart that meets him is what kind of groups very small, the joy when you know friend bachelor also or joyless occasion, it is the thing of a few absurdity even, if you already married, it is important that you know with respect to this those days have many to your friend---Happy single life.

Bridal day: Bridal that day, your task tells bridegroom to still have kin friend father and mother of the bride namely, bridegroom is a how outstanding youth, he is a good friend, good son, good student not only, and he also can is opposite all sorts of occasion rise to the occasion. Had better be the memory that has become enamoured already, timely open some of fun in the past.

Begin: The first thing is brief introduction, tell guest you and bridegroom were known how long, how much do you understand to him, you should let everybody listen to a friendship that is you to let bridegroom choose you to accompany man when his. If the friend is when your childhood, that says the thing of some of that moment more, good those who let a person know the friendship of you and bridegroom is deep.

Frolic: Once you explained you are the best friend of bridegroom, you can take the chance to do some of humour, play the part of play the part of silly sight, say the bad thing that says you and friend to had worked together---Not be the evildoing with true what of course---You the one interesting episode when rising, if do what thing for the first time, the thing of acknowledge a mistake person, the story of travel adventure and so on. Conte should be short and interesting, reflect the affectionate friendship of you and friend first and last.

Blessing: With bridegroom the identity of best friend tells a bride she made best choice finally, if you and bride are very ripe, the union that says bridegroom bride is apple-pie. (clew: You can provide stylistic rules and layout to raise the common interest of bridegroom, bride, wait like criticism of tennis, literature) anyhow, you should become warped the union that thumb praises them, add you and your wife finally (if have) , special hope can continue and bridegroom and bride maintain friendship. This bit is very important, because such your ability attract audience, assure the friendship after you and friend honeymoon.

Final brief summary: The toast demit you regards the screenplay that writes for your friend only as, your friend is leading role of course, still have the bride is brief and wonderful show among them, still have your diehard followers brother, the game that has played in your middle school is waited a moment. Your play wants a clue to abound not only, even some of Luo Mandi is overcome, coda should leave a person infinite daydream.
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