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Make card marriage statement for new personality

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Each each each guest, lady, gentleman:

Today, I get the great trust of bridegroom bride, the chief witness at a wedding ceremony that holds the position of × Mr × and × Miss × to marry feels be honoured very, in this divine and majestic bridal ceremonially, can close for wall of this pair of bead couplet, the new personality witness that day aing happy married couple becomes delivers marriage speech and feel especially Rong Xing, also be rare opportunity.

Each guest, bridegroom × Mr × now × × unit, pursue × × job, hold the position of × × post, this year × × year old, bridegroom grows brilliantly on appearance not only cheesy, honest and tolerant honesty, and there is a kind-hearted love in the heart, humanness is genial; Be in charge of seriously on the job not only, willingly bear the burden of hard works, and study assiduously on business, achievement is outstanding, it is a nice young person with outstanding talent.

Bridal × Miss × now × × unit, pursue × × job, hold the position of × × post, this year × × year old. The bride grows beautifully not only lovely, and the immanent beauty that has Oriental woman, not only tender and considerate, humanness telling a person, and nobility of assiduous and academic, character, heart is pure; Can be in charge not only conduct financial transactions, and deft and able, it is a lovely good girl.

The ancients often says: The heart has Ling Xi to was connected. It is affection it is predestined relationship or love, in dim in match them together. Make photograph of their two bosom friends is defended together, it is sacred not only created this pair of people of a new type, and the offspring that creates them even, create their future.

At the moment, bridal bridegroom knot is conjugal love husband and wife, henceforth, no matter the rich and the poor, disease, environment is harsh, life and death lives or die, you want fidelity of lifetime undivided attention not change ground cherishs the other side, in life itinerary in have mutual affinity forever, live to old age in conjugal bliss, perfect and happy.

Finally, wish you two dote on lifetime forever, homocentric always knot, happiness is perfect. Thank everybody!

Chief witness at a wedding ceremony: 200 × year day of × month ×

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