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Version one festival and lyric complete edition
Producing area:
Applicable dimensions: 250 desks of 0 ~
New personality profession:  writes earnest large bamboo hat to touch Ang
Hotel level: Instrument surname fall from the sky

[setting is answered put] the love of Li Jialin and Wang Juan, only then at study in the same school of school of 3 years of their ability. After graduation, they work in a state-owned and large company together. Li Jialin is benchwork, wang Juan does a keeper.
When marrying, they are gotten to do wedding a few more creditable, in place one is pretty good hotel to hold ceremony. The hotel says to be more intermediate, and because Li Jialin is in familial in it is son's eldest son, before he marries, classics of old Li Yi spent his father ten years various " member " money. Then each close friend gathers, sufficient have 229 people. Besides the chef in the hotel so busy that the head risks white steam, big canopy still was built outside, set " running water banquet " . Bridal all things are great. Just when happy event of the rest of check the amount is tasted later, discovery became little a few spruce smoke and a few bottles of good wine. Have a relative to husband's family person " inform against " : Chasm washs rice insane tan1huan4? by husband's family " guest " in a few cousin, borrow accost " guest of a married woman's parents' home " , walk off with " take " go. Plum the parent is about to ask after all, be persuaded by Li Fu.
On mesa early a few middleaged men and womens sit calm. Treating condition should be bilateral relatives by marriage. Have two additionally therein senile woman, temporary identity is unidentified.
[text choosing is picked] I announce now, mr Li Jialin, king beautifuls celebration of young lady newly-married begins formally! (Before new personality comes on the stage, occasion has some of commotion. Basically be 7 great aunt 8 mother's eldest sister people neck of the explore that extend a head, resemble infecting like the person that drive to look around. South the noise on the attend a banquet of guest of a married woman's parents' home had a girl people shriek, that is staff of unit of new a form of address for one's wife, the sister that installs to wear a bride acclaims. Disturbance is less than a minute, compere has the sound that decides force to ring again again quite. Compere has the sound that decides force to ring again again quite..
The autumn, have solidder than spring inside information, the autumn, have than spring more the glamour that deprives a person. Fall season, walk into marital Temple of God hand in hand to the lover, they will breed the evergreen tree of love jointly, share the happy fruit of life jointly. They are bridegroom Mr Li Jialin, bride Miss Wang Juan young ladies! (Compere is right of new personality roll out ceremoniously, did not achieve expectant enthusiastic result it seems that. Original, as a result of field reason, not be to new personality walk out of from tiring-room, stand in downstage a side all the time however, diluent the effect when coming on the stage. " wedding march " since the noise. " wedding march " since the noise..
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