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Written guarantee bridal car arranges manual

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Receive a bride with carriage with the sedan before, had 4 wheel to add motor car now, the arrangement of knot wedding car has the effect that hold the balance in whole and bridal process, lane is bad to but want,goof oh!

In marry to arranged ceremony car to need to notice the following that day:

Choose able ceremony car to attemper

The person selected that ceremony car attempers is very crucial, the male good friend that can have experience please commonly is held the position of. Ask this poll head is slick, be good at handling sudden incident, be good at be being communicated with the person, constituent capability is strong, can hard-working, willingly bear the burden of hard works. He basically undertakes the arrangement of bridal all that day car, include to receive line of sort of close ceremony car, drive a vehicle, receive the car that sends main character to arrange. A capable ceremony car attempers the wedding that can let you is sleek, make new personality save worry not little!

Greet in advance of close ceremony car to arrive

Greet close ceremony car to should arrive ahead of schedule. Head car (festooned vehicle) the requirement shifts to an earlier date 1-1.5 hour arrives appoint the position; Other vehicle should shift to an earlier date half hours to arrive, so that arrange.

Driver of car of accost good manners

Of ceremony car driver cooperating energetically is the serious content that wedding uses a car, of beforehand of this need new personality coordinate and contact. Above all, need the communication kind of driver of car of an all ceremony, mobile phone, Beep-Pager, curtilage report, cannot little! (ah, not so serious, need to have you only can at any time and place contact arrives his communication means with respect to OK! ) next, to head car, receive send anybody and need to receive sent ceremony car driver back and forth, answer to make good call beforehand, let him make clear him task, lest cause temporarily the disorder of shunting. The 3rd, considerate to appearance of Ying Li of ceremony car driver, according to place the habit arranges good driver, must not slight they oh.

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